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Coming out of hybernation

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I know, I know, you should never talk about yourself in the third person, but The Bear is back!  Actually, I never went away.  I’ve been very, very busy in The Less Than Hundred Acre Woods, building a lifeboat.  Hmm, you’ve seen the flaw there straight away, I’ll wager.  What use is a lifeboat in the Woods?  Bad metaphor.  Maybe it’s more accurate to say I’ve been building a new den. Lifeboat, den, escape pod, call it what you will, but I’ve been building it.  That’s not really true either.  Me and Mrs Bear have been building it.  That’s being economical with the truth still.  Me, Mrs Bear and some more agile species than us have been plotting and building.  And the fruits (these metaphors are becoming very mixed) of our labour will be revealed soon.  And then I’ll stop talking in cryptic, third person code. Or perhaps he won’t…


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